The United States has just announced big climate commitments on renewable energy at the UN climate conference COP28.1

But crucially, they’ve been silent on ending their reliance on fossil fuels. As the world’s biggest producer and exporter of oil and gas, that’s a problem.2

A fair, safe energy future cannot exist without phasing out fossil fuels and widespread use of renewable energy that doesn’t involve dangerous and expensive distractions like carbon capture and storage (CCS), hydrogen, and nuclear.

Will you call on the Biden Administration to invest only in justly sourced and implemented real renewable energy solutions for all AND a full, fast, phase-out of fossil fuels?

Pressure from our movement works. No one from the uppermost levels of the White House was going to attend COP28, but pressure on the administration from climate activists, like you, got the Vice President to go and deliver some very promising news. That’s why we need you to keep the positive pressure on by sending a letter, Jeanne, to encourage them to go further.

Send a letter now!

I want to be clear, the Biden Administration has just announced some really important climate pledges at COP28 – including ones our movement has been calling for: an additional $3B USD for the global loss and damage fund.3 With the EU and UAE, they’ve got 118 governments to pledge to triple renewable energy capacity worldwide by 2030!4

But, as you know, these pledges risk being greenwashed if they: (1) won’t commit to phasing out the biggest cause of the climate crisis: coal, oil, and gas; and (2) propose to massively fund false solutions like CCS and nuclear, energy sources that are simply dangerous distractions from the real, safe, democratic, and scalable solutions we need to meet the urgency of the climate crisis.

Even worse, it tells every other polluting government that you can claim to be a climate champion while you still allow people around the world to suffer fires, floods, typhoons and droughts.

The Biden Administration is trying to put out good news stories for these climate talks because they also realize the urgency of the moment. That’s why it’s so crucial we ramp up the positive pressure and let them know we appreciate most of what they’ve promised so far, but we need them to do more.

Send a letter now!

The facts are clear: the U.S. has played a disproportionate role in causing the climate crisis. They’ve released more deadly gases into our air than any other country.5 They have an historical responsibility to be a true global climate leader and champion for climate justice.

That means ending coal, oil, AND gas and continuing to fund the justly sourced and implemented, cheap, and real renewable energy solutions that we know already work, like wind and solar. Can I count on you to keep the pressure on the Biden Climate Team all during COP28?

In solidarity,

Deborah for

P.S. We were able to get President Biden to change his mind during COP before. Last year, our movement got rich nations to agree to pay for the damage and destruction developing countries are experiencing due to the climate change they’ve caused.6Please send your letter, it will make a difference.


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