Jeanne –

Earlier this year, you signed our petition calling for urgent reforms to the World Bank:

  • Stop funding fossil fuels and false solutions
  • Direct funds to support the immediate global transition to justly sourced and justly implemented renewable energy
  • Ensure access to clean, affordable energy for all
  • Stop unfair predatory lending practices that further oppression and deepen inequality

Now, in just a few days, the World Bank will hold its Annual Meeting — their most important meeting of the year.

The new president, Anjay Banga, has choices to make about the Bank’s future. He could either let the Bank continue with the status quo, or he could reform the World Bank, live up to climate agreements, and invest in just climate solutions.

That’s why will have people on the ground who plan to deliver our petition calling on the World Bank President to meet our demands in person.

But we want to make sure our call to action is as strong as possible. Can you share our petition and help us get more people to add their names?

Yes, I’ll share the petition. »

2023 is becoming known as a record-breaking year. Wildfires caused thousands of people to flee their homes in Maui, California, and across the globe. Torrential rains and flooding across Asia and Europe have killed dozens of people.1

These are the impacts of man-made global heating caused by burning fossil fuels — and the World Bank is directly responsible.

But all that could change, Jeanne.

President Banga believes in climate science and said his vision is ‘to create a world free from poverty on a livable plant.’ If that’s true, he must prioritize funding renewable energy and stop the funding of coal, oil, and gas.

More than 35,000 people have already signed our petition calling on Anjay Banga to reform the World Bank and fund the just transition to renewables — but we set a goal to get 40,000 signatures. Can you help us get there by sharing our petition with your friends now?

Thank you!

— Team 350

1 – World Meteorological Organization


PO Box 843004, Boston, MA 02284-3004

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