Dear Jeanne,

This has been a wonderfully celebratory week for me, as a woman of Indian descent now living in England. From the warming colours of Holi at the start of the week, to daffodils and Easter eggs at the end of it, there is a particular poignancy to both celebrations marking the turn of the seasons this year… with the roll-out of the Covid-19 vaccinations now gaining momentum in many parts of the world, our dreams of putting an end to the pandemic finally seem within reach.

The timing of our turning this corner aligns ever so beautifully with our own plans at 350, as we prepare to host the Global Just Recovery Gathering: a chance to collectively redesign what ‘normal’ might look like, and turn our hopes and dreams into action plans for a new, better future for all.

I am so excited to share that over 9,000 participants (!) from across the world have already registered to join the Gathering, and will be accessing our content as we simulcast in 10 different languages. With workshops, panel discussions, movement stories and cultural events running in three cycles to span different time zones, and a truly inter-generational range of participants, we can confidently claim there will be something of interest for everyone who cares about our future, and several ways to contribute towards shaping it.

We’ve dedicated this entire bulletin to spotlighting some of the rich content on offer, but even so we probably haven’t done adequate justice to it all! We hope you enjoy this introduction to the programme, and look forward to your joining us for as many of the sessions as you possibly can.

With much excitement, and my very best wishes,

Namrata (Nama) Chowdhary
My pronouns are she/her.

P.S. Reminder that we have a new mailing address:, PO Box 843004, Boston, MA 02284-3004. If you have any questions, or want to reach out, you can always email! is organizing a free online Global Just Recovery Gathering for April 9 – 11: Register today!

Photo: Global Just Recovery Gathering

The Global Just Recovery Gathering will catalyze increased momentum for rapid, significant, localized and global climate activism leading to concrete change. In “skilling-up” climate movements around the world, we will better-equip climate leaders to wage effective campaigns and mobilizations. Read more about our exciting list of confirmed speakers and panels (and register for free!) on our event website.

We have a fantastic group of speakers lined up!

The Gathering will amplify the voices of climate leaders from around the world in a series of Plenary Panels that will include:

Our 50+ Partners are also presenting remarkable Workshops and Movement Stories!

Photo: Global Just Recovery Gathering

The Gathering, organized across all time zones, will also feature dozens of 90-minute workshops delivered by staff and partners, as well as hour-long Movement Stories. Whatever your particular interest, you will find a dynamic offering that will inform and inspire you. The above photo includes the workshops featured just in the first cycle on Day 1 – read more about the rest of the sessions offered here.

Beginning, Ending, and Interwoven with Remarkable Cultural Sessions!

Photo: Global Just Recovery Gathering

At the beginning and end of each of the 8 cycles – a rich tapestry of more than 40 global artists and cultural workers will be weaving together panels and sessions with song, dance, performance, multimedia installations, poetry, rituals and more. We will welcome Gilberto Gil of Brazil, Ana Tijoux of Chile, Rocky Dawuni from Ghana, Angelique Kidjo of Benin, JazzMeia Horn and Patti Smith from the United States, and many more. Read more here.

Stories from the Founding Donors of the Just Recovery Gathering:

Story from a founding donor

Story from a founding donor Story from a founding donor

Jeanne, the Global Just Recovery Gathering is the largest-scale global training event that 350 has ever organized. Already, thousands of 350 supporters have become founding donors to the Global Just Recovery Gathering so we can build the online and digital infrastructure we need for the Gathering and fighting for climate justice around the globe. If you are able to, please chip in any amount today to join thousands of 350 supporters around the globe and become a founding donor of the Global Just Recovery Gathering.

Other helpful links and information!

Photo: Global Just Recovery Gathering

Check out these links for further information about the technology, logistics, and accessibility for the Gathering: