Have you been curious about the details of what Initiative 1631 will accomplish, Jeanne?

We thought you might be — so we laid it all out for you.

We put together an interactive map that will show you dozens of examples of the hundreds of solutions we can create when Initiative 1631 passes. Scroll around and find some of the forest conservation, transit expansion, and clean energy upgrades that Initiative 1631 will make possible.

See our new map — and then, forward this email to four friends in Washington to show them what Initiative 1631 will do!

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Saying YES on 1631 will provide real, workable solutions to reduce pollution, and point Washington towards a clean energy future. And we’re telling you exactly how we’ll do that, one community at a time.

Forward this email to four of your friends and family in Washington so they can see how Initiative 1631 will bring us closer to a better future!

Thank you for helping us accomplish so much,
Team Yes on 1631


I-1631 is Washington’s first step towards reducing pollution and ensuring a cleaner future for the next generation. Click here to learn more about how this will protect our state’s health, our air, and drinking water, and create new clean energy jobs across the state.


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