Tonight, before President Biden addresses a joint session of Congress, we’re reflecting on his first 100 days in office and preparing for what’s next. After pushing, pressuring, watching, and ranking his performance so far, here’s our topline assessment: President Biden has done more to tackle the climate crisis than any president in history. At the same time, he has not yet done enough.

The bar for action is not set by what pundits deem possible or by the accomplishments of past administrations — it’s set by science and justice. Science demands we rapidly phase out fossil fuel extraction and transition to 100 percent renewable energy. Justice demands we invest in the communities who have borne the brunt of pollution and the workers who depend on the fossil fuel economy. There is still time for President Biden to become the climate leader that our country — and the world — desperately needs.

We applaud President Biden’s decision to eliminate subsidies to fossil fuel corporations as part of the American Jobs Plan and urge Congress to follow through by passing the End Polluter Welfare Act. Fossil fuel corporations receive $15 billion in direct federal subsidies every year — every penny must now go towards investments in communities and the climate. Tell Congress to act here.

Just recovery
At the same time, the president’s ambition in this moment does not meet the scale of the interlocking crises facing our country. Our movement has given Washington a blueprint for creating 15 million jobs while furthering racial and economic justice, and we will accept nothing less. We urge President Biden and Congress to embrace the scope and scale of the THRIVE Act, which would invest $1 trillion per year to immediately create more than 15 million good jobs and end the unemployment crisis, cut climate pollution in half by 2030, and advance racial, Indigenous, gender, environmental, and economic justice. Tell President Biden to be a champion for THRIVE here.

Fossil fuel racism
Fossil fuels are a public health crisis, most of all for Black, Brown, Indigenous, and poor communities. In effect, climate destruction is only possible because our government tolerates racism. By phasing out fossil fuel production and holding polluting corporations accountable, President Biden can fight the climate crisis and improve health for millions of people at the same time. Read the full report, Fossil Fuel Racism: How Phasing Out Oil, Gas, and Coal Can Protect Communities

As of Friday morning, we will be 100 days into Joe Biden’s presidency. There are 1,363 days left in his first term. There’s so much work to be done. Thank you for being with us, for demanding science and justice as the guiding principles of this administration, and raising your voice to have a real impact. People and the planet are counting on you.

Charlie Jiang
Climate Campaigner, Greenpeace USA

P.S. Want to see more on how we’ve ranked President Biden’s first 100 days? Check out the full progress report here.

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