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What a visceral relief it is — a door is now open to the future we need.


For the country and the world to go through that door, though, will require a tremendous amount …

Last Solidarity School this Wed. 11/11


Thanks to the efforts of people like you, we saw the highest voter turnout in a century. The record turnout was a testament to the millions of people across our country who share our collective values for democracy. Now …

CCNCW This Week

The presidential race has finally been called: Joe Biden will be our next President.  Voters turned out in record numbers and polls show that climate action was a major issue.  Now we must get to work holding the next administration

“America is a beacon to the world”


Just a few words of inspiration from Kamala Harris:

“See what you can be – unburdened by what has been.

Dream with ambition.  Lead with conviction.

See yourselves in a way that others may not because they’ve never seen …

This is great work!