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Spreading the good news!


There is not one piece of legislation I am more excited about than the Washington STRONG green/recovery bonds.  This excellent  proposal gives our state access to $16 billion for jobs and climate mitigation projects.  These are certified green, special …

Chase coalition 2021 kick-off


Hi all –

Well, it’s been quite the wild start to the year… I hope that, in spite of all of the horrible things we have witnessed over the last few days, y’all are feeling grounded & excited for

Oh yes please –


Members of Congress like Rep. Ted Cruz and Rep. Josh Hawley betrayed their oaths to our democracy.

Investigate and expel them from Congress now.



On Wednesday, just hours after news of a Democratic flip in Georgia,

This event will be amazing!



Tomorrow: His Holiness the Dalai Lama with Greta Thunberg and Leading Scientists

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