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Stand up to big oil in WA!


Jeanne —

It’s time we get big, out-of-state, money-grabbing oil companies OUT of our elections — and AWAY from our state.

Big oil companies made billions in profits last year, and they’re spending $21 MILLION to stop 1631 from cutting

Montana Law Enforcement Gearing-Up For Mass Anti-Pipeline Protests

By Hunter Pauli,


Above Photo: Montana law enforcement agencies are preparing now for what they expect could be massive protests over construction of the Keystone XL pipeline,

Less than 2 minutes!

Jeanne ―

Over the last fifteen months, I’ve been arrested twice during actions that disrupted JPMorgan Chase. On May 8th 2017, I participated in the first #ShutDownChase day of action where we simultaneously shut down 13 branches to call

On climate geo-engineering

110 civil society organizations and popular movements demand an immediate stop to climate geoengineering

In a widely-supported Manifesto (Spanish) released October 4, 2018, 23 international organizations, six “Alternative Nobel Prize” recipients, and 87 national