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In one month, young people across the country will make history, and you can join them.
On June 4th, thousands will gather in Portland, Oregon to support the 21 Juliana v. United States youth plaintiffs suing the federal government for causing climate change. Their case will be heard before a panel of Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals judges to determine the fate of the lawsuit.
This hearing represents a crucial point in the case. Not only will it decide whether the case will finally go to trial, it will also decide whether or not to cease creation of new federally-approved U.S. fossil fuel infrastructure in the meantime.
Future Coalition has joined forces with Our Children’s Trust, the organization behind Juliana, to bring attention to the case and send a clear message to those in power that we will not stand by as our constitutional right to a stable climate and a liveable future is being violated.
Join us on June 1st, the Saturday prior to the hearing, as young people across the nation hold local press conferences in their communities to show our solidarity with the plaintiffs, and make clear that we will not just sit around and watch the world be destroyed around us.

To sign up to organize a press conference for #IAmJuliana on June 1st
This press conference will be a fantastic opportunity to learn and build on press skills such as pitching to reporters, building for the event, and running a press event. All hosts will be provided with toolkits, trainings, and a nation-wide network of support – so no prior experience necessary!
We will be sending out more details on how to organize a successful press conference in the coming days. In the meantime, register your press conference, and let us know if you have any questions or ideas!
Can’t wait to make history with all of you!
In solidarity,
Katie Eder, Future Coalition

CCNCW Events and Information

THE ECO-CHALLENGE STARTS TODAY!!!! It’s not too late to join a team.  Go to ncwecochallenge.org. Fun and Educational!
Protest at Chase Bank! – 350Wenatchee.org will be protesting at the Wenatchee Chase Bank on Friday from 4:30-6:00.   Chase continues to fund extraction of fossil fuels even though we know that the C02 from burning these fuels is increasing the speed of the Climate Crisis. Chase’s only goal seems to be making a profit! Please Join us.
Next Week:
CCNCW Meeting @ the Fire House: Send your agenda items to Sue at this email: climateconversationsncw@gmail.com
Saturday May 18 “TOUCH A TRUCK”! –  This year’s event will be at the Wenatchee Valley College campus. We will have at least 2 electric cars for you to check out. Make plans to attend The Wenatchee Women’s Service League’s wonderful event.
*What is the Green New Deal? – An article by Credo (Attached below)
*Want to know more about the Green New Deal?  Watch the video on the following link.  It gives some history and a wonderful vision of the future:
(I am republishing this video for those of you that have recently joined our email list.)

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We’ve always leaned on science to guide our efforts on climate change and the science is increasingly clear.

Washington Governor Jay Inslee - News release

May 8, 2019
Jaime Smith | jaime.smith@gov.wa.gov

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Chase Bank action

Let’s do it again and keep the pressure on Chase Bank!  It’ll be cooking with summer’s first blast of heat, great music, signs, chalking, chanting and who knows what else?  It’ll be a good time and I encourage you to join us in sending Chase the message:  Business as usual = death!

Friday, May 10th, 4:30-6P – Chase Bank in Wenatchee, corner of Orondo & Mission



CCNCW Information for You!

NCW ECO-Challenge starts May 6th – For those of you who ask, “What can I do about the Climate Crisis?”; here’s a start. Get a team together or go it alone – LOTS OF PRIZES!  Learn about yourself, our community and helping the planet.  Register @ ncw.ecochallege.org
Are you going to the APPLE BLOSSOM PARADE? – If you do, cheer loudly for the “Sustainable Wenatchee” entry featuring The ECO-Challenge and the “Baby Brigade”.
The Climate Reality Project – sent me a wonderful download to share with you: Facts about Solar Power – (Click on Blue Link)

Available for download:Thank you for downloading Things Are Looking Bright: The Facts about Solar Energy and taking climate action. One of the most important things you can do to help fight climate change is spread the facts about solutions like solar.

Do you struggle with this? I do! –Why people don’t always make the Eco-friendly choice – By Yale Climate Connections  (see attachment)

NCW United – Action List #116 – See attachment

Sue Kane – email co-editor

Choosing Sustainable Products.YaleClimateConnections

7 days of Action #116