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A bit more on the PNW call –

Hi OR and WA 350 local group leaders –

I just wanted to let you all know that several of us are having a PNW-focused Chase Campaign call on Thursday.

What: Stop the Money Pipeline – Pacific Northwest Regional Organizing Call

When: Thursday, Feb 27, 630-8PM

Where: Zoom. Register here


As you probably know, during Earth Day 2020, 350.org and 40+ other organizations that are a part of the Stop the Money Pipeline coalition are calling for actions targeting the financial sector on Thursday, April 23rd — as part of the campaign, 350.org founder, Bill McKibben, was recently arrested in a Chase bank near the White House. There are at least 9 local groups on WA and OR who are already active in the Chase campaign, but this call is open to every group in the PNW, whether you are new to the Chase work or not and I wanted to make sure you had it on your radar! We hope you’ll join us!  Alec

For anyone who happens to look here!

It was brought to my attention at our last meeting –

Had I really shared links, info on Stop the Money Pipeline & Chase campaigns focussing on next global climate strikes – – 

I’m happy to share the following with you! – it’s the recording which says it all!  Please, please to really understand the coalition efforts and emphasis for April 23rd watch it:

“We are expecting April 23rd, to be the largest-ever coordinated day of action to hold the funders of the climate crisis accountable. We hope you’ll join us by taking actions at Chase branches in your community! 

We’ll have a Stop the Money Pipeline Organizing Toolkit to share next week, and in case you missed the#StopTheMoneyPipeline webinar with Tamara Toles O’Laughlin, Bill McKibben and Tara Houska on Sunday, there is a recording of it here!

Thanks all!


PS: If you haven’t already, but you would like to officially join the Stop the Money Pipeline coalition, please fill out this form! 

Copy/paste of earlier email from Alec Connon, 350 Seattle (I’ve not seen a toolkit yet) and include just part of his mail.  There were over 10 equally awesome speakers so you will not get bored I promise!  You may prefer to find “StoptheMoneypipeline.org” with your search engine than using the one above.  Hope all the links work!  



inspiring wrap-up video –

If you don’t use Facebook or other social media you’ll want to see this action!!

From Alec Connon of 350Seattle to the Chase Campaign & Finance Mob:

Hi all –

You know, when you’re taking on the world’s largest funder of fossil fuels, sometimes one day of action just isn’t enough… today in Seattle, 28 people were arrested in a Chase bank branch for carrying out a grief ceremony for all that has been – and will be – lost to the climate crisis.

Posts that are ripe for amplification here:

And if any of you have a few spare dollars, we are raising funds to cover the upcoming legal costs for our 28 friends who are currently in the King County jailhouse – please feel free to chip in what you can! 

And ICYMI, this action comes 24 hours after a shutdown of a downtown Seattle outside of Chase’s regional HQ. A not bad TV piece on that here, and a much more awesome wrap-up video with drone shots here. In addition to the in-person actions, Jamie Dimon’s office got so many calls from our folks today that his office turned off their phones. So we started calling their customer service, and, oddly, so many people called they turned off their phones off to anyone who doesn’t have an account. We also had one of our dear friends’ email Jamie Dimon and CC 700 of his branch managers, executives and Board members, telling him why she would be getting arrested in a Chase branch today. (Her story was very touching, involving her 11-year-old daughter and the duties of parenthood; we sent the emails in batches of 25 at a time to avoid spam.)

Anyway, it feels like a fine day. Now we’re off to wait outside for our friends’ to be released. Please do feel free to amplify & throw in a few bucks if you can.

Love y’all. Together, all of us, we’re gonna do this.

The Climate Defenders video is AWESOME!

Dear friends,

Hungry for signs that the fossil fuel industry is on its way out, we have some good news in this month’s newsletter. You can see that the fight to keep fossil fuels in the ground is working.

Why do we do this? Because even as most national governments of major economies fail to deliver true leadership — grassroots activists can put pressure on investors and can outright stop the permits for fossil fuel projects.

Meanwhile, we’ve seen our (un)fair share of attacks on activists thanks to these very same industries. This past month we gathered together with some of our closest climate defender allies to strategize about how we fight back and tell this story more powerfully. One tool in our toolbox is the new report you’ll read about below. These stories don’t get their due, so we really hope that you’ll share these with your networks.

Thanks again for your generous support and take care — 2020 is going to ask a lot of us all!


May Boeve

May Boeve
Executive Director

P.S. I hope you’ll take a moment to vote for 350.org to win a CREDO Mobile grant!

NYC Bans All New Fossil Fuel Projects

Photo: Shadia Fayne Wood
New Yorkers are celebrating a groundbreaking win in the fight for climate justice today, as Mayor Bill de Blasio announced New York City’s intention to stop all new fossil fuel projects within and serving the city. This is the largest municipal ban announcement of its kind globally, building on the mounting global movement for a just transition off fossil fuels to a renewable-energy economy that works for all. Read more.

Watch: Jim Cramer Sees Oil Stocks In The ‘Death Knell Phase’

Photo: CNBC
CNBC’s Jim Cramer said that he’s done with fossil fuel stocks because young investor’s concerns about climate change are holding them down. On “Squawk Box,” Cramer compared oil and other fossil fuel stocks to the sigma attached to investing in tobacco companies, saying they are in the “death knell phase.” Read more.

New Report: Climate Defenders On The Frontline Of Human Rights Abuses

Photo: 350.org
The global climate crisis, mainly generated by the biggest fossil fuel corporations in the world, is seriously aggravating the already extensive and heavy set of human rights violations caused by this same industry.

Oil, gas and coal companies are directly or indirectly responsible for some of the worst human rights abuses committed by corporations around the world in the last three decades, as shown by the 10 cases mentioned in the publication. Read the report.

HSBC Exits Vinh Tan 3 Coal Power Project In Vietnam

Photo: 350.org
One of the world’s largest finance groups, HSBC, has pulled out of a major coal project in Vietnam, marking the latest move by an international bank to go cold on funding the biggest source of climate-changing greenhouse gas emissions. Read more.

Crude Moves

Photo: Joel Lukhovi
Activists worldwide are challenging banks and financiers to stop new fossil fuel projects. Now their sights are on stopping South African and Japanese banks from funding a crude oil pipeline in East Africa.

It would run 1,443 kilometers through the Lake Victoria basin and threaten the climate, wildlife and livelihoods of people across Uganda and Tanzania. So far, the banks have ignored… Read more.

14,000 Ukrainians Support Rapid Transition To Renewable Energy

Photo: 350 Ukraine
Activists organized an action in front of the Ministry of the Environment and Energy to demand a just transition to 100% renewable energy from the Ukrainian Government by 2050. The action was supported by 14,000 Ukrainians who signed a petition, delivered by coalition representatives at a public hearing on climate and energy policy. Read more.

Protest on Friday!



After the protest, 350Wenatchee.org will be meeting at the library to discuss future Actions. Join us!

(Tribe in Canada)

Also on Friday – Representative Kim Schrier will be in Wenatchee – register to attend on her website!