I’m on day 13 of quarantine over here and thinking of all of you hunkering down in your homes across the state, too. Life is profoundly different for all of us now. Maybe you are finding yourself with a lot of extra time on your hands and some excitement around climate organizing. Or perhaps you are just making it through the days. I hope you know that’s okay, too!

I’m going to share a TON of resources here for y’all, in case any of it is useful to you and your local groups. 

Stay safe, stay well, and I’ll see you on the internet.


TOOLKIT: 350 WA CAT 2020 Legislative Session Recap 

We did it! The 2020 legislative session has wrapped up, and our friends David, Selden, and Katherine have put together a wonderful recap of how things went. This was our first project together as the 350 WA Network and y’all have a LOT to be proud of. 

Leading Groups Online 

A New Free E-Book/ PDF from Daniel Hunter & Jeanne Rewa 

Using their combined two decades of online facilitation, Jeanne and Daniel walk you through the basics of how to lead sessions online. They give you their top 10 principles for leading online groups, introduce you to interactive tools you can lead online, and answer commonly asked questions. Find it here:

TODAY: Earth Day Climate Strike Call 

Using Art and Song to Grow Our Movement in Times of Pandemic 

How will we use the arts to Climate Strike? How can we use collective arts and art making to connect, work together, grow our movement and keep pushing for positive change, while remaining at home and safe? Arts organizer David Solnit will show and tell virtual art builds and other projects groups can do. He will draw on the Climate Strike Arts Kit. Frankie Lopez and Lu Aya of The Peace Poets (“Strike with US” and “People Gonna Rise Like the Water”) will teach new songs for the moment and share ways we can use songs together while remaining at home and connecting online.

WHEN: TODAY Friday, Mar. 27 @5pm PT open to local group members as well as partners/local allies – feel free to invite anyone who may be interested. 

WHERE: Zoom! Register here.

MARCH 30th: Weekly 350 Washington Network Conversations Call via Zoom 

Last week we started our weekly standing conversation call for folks across the state of Washington. It was sooooo good to connect with others and share how we are doing during this profoundly difficult time. This is a LOW PRESSURE place to talk and be present with others who are going through these major changes together. 

WHERE: Zoom! Register HERE (attend only the weeks you want to)

WHEN: March 30th @6pm-7:30pm PT (note this has been moved to a later time!)

WHY: Connect with folks from other local groups and share some moral and emotional support, camaraderie, ideas, and resources. 

APRIL 1st: Online Facilitation 101

This call will focus on online facilitation tips and tools, as we need to move our work online. We’ll be sharing ideas and resources for facilitating effective meetings (and a bit about virtual trainings too) online.

WHEN: Wednesday, Apr. 1 @5pm PT. This training is also open to local group members as well as partners/local allies. 

WHERE: Zoom! Register here.

As always, I’m here if you need to reach out and talk to somebody,
Grace Hope


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Monday, Wednesday – Friday, 9-5pm PST
Is your local group working on a virtual event – like a book club, climate grief workshop, or tech skill up? Consider sharing it to our new Google Group ( so that folks from across the state can also participate! Organizing in the State of Washington just got a whole lot more collaborative, now that we are all online. The possibilities are endless!