I will  not do  this often but this a winnable issue and we need a win right now.    Please, share widely.
Stage Kids, is a local non-profit that creates opportunities for our kids to develop capabilities in theater.
They are on of 200 non-profits across the country eligible to win a $25,000 grant from State Farm’s Neighborhood Assist Program.
Stage Kids probability is 1 in 5.  We can help by voting online early and often.
The website is “neighborhoodassist.com”  Once there you can filter by state.  Stage Kids name is not in the description.  You will see “Providing Quality After School Programs for Middle School Students”.  The picture in the background is of the  Stage Kids students in black Tee Shirts with Stage Kids on it.
You are allowed 10 votes a day and you can vote every day until August 24th. You will be asked to register as well so you can’t vote twice.  But, you can vote all 10 votes at one time.  You have to be 18 years or older.  Let’s help them win.
neighborhood assist go here
Please pass this on.
Regards, Shayne