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American banks are the world’s top funders of the fossil fuel companies that are causing our global climate crisis.

The Federal Reserve’s job is to manage risk and stop banks from making risky investments. But instead of doing its job, the Fed has allowed U.S. banks to fund fossil fuel companies to the tune of $1.2 trillion over the past 5 years since the Paris Agreement.

That’s why this Earth Day, and our partner organizations mobilized all across the United States to demand that the Federal Reserve steer banks away from fossil fuels to avert climate catastrophe.

Watch the highlights from our Fossil Free Federal Reserve actions, and then, will you share the video with your networks to help grow our movement calling on the Federal Reserve to get to work and prioritize climate action?

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Across the country on Earth Day, we took to the streets and rallied at Federal Reserve offices to call for an end to fossil fuel funding.

From Washington, D.C.,

to Helena, Montana,

from Chicago,

to Madison,

and St. Louis.

People across the country are mobilizing to send a message to the Federal Reserve: End fossil fuel finance now.

Every day, person by person, we’re building the movement that will make the Federal Reserve take swift and immediate climate action to prevent economic collapse. That means cutting off the flow of money to fossil fuels now.

Jeanne, will you help us grow our movement today by sharing our wrap-up video from our Earth Day Federal Reserve events?

Thank you for spreading the word,

Team 350

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