My name is Emma Thompson. You may know me from films like Love Actually or Sense and Sensibility…or, you may not have the foggiest idea who I am. But today I’m writing to you as a Greenpeace supporter, like you.

Over the years I have been truly moved by everything we have achieved to protect the world’s rainforests and infuriated by companies that have chosen not to play their part. They promised that by 2020 rainforests would not be destroyed to grow acre upon acre of palm oil plantations — the palm oil that is in over half the products on our supermarket shelves.

That means we have 500 days to get companies to stick to that promise.

Which is why I have narrated a short, powerful animation following the journey of a little girl and her orangutan friend, Rang-tan.

I hope this film makes more people realize the weight of this moment and the opportunity we have to pull back the curtain on unsustainable palm oil for the sake of Indonesia’s rainforests and the orangutans that live there.

Rang-tan shines a light on the impact the palm oil industry is having on the rainforests of Indonesia when they are cleared to grow palm oil that is used as an ingredient in our chocolates, soaps and snacks.

This year we can spread this story far and wide. The more people that see Rang-tan the more pressure we can put on brands and companies in the next 500 days.

We have fought banks funding deforestation and won. We have told brands to drop companies who destroy forests to make paper — they have. And we have taken giant leaps to clean up an industry that is driving orangutans to extinction.

Let’s get people talking and build on the monumental achievements we have had in the last decade.

This is our moment to tell the world that now is the time to stand up for our forests and all the Rang-tans that rely on them for their survival.

Thank you,

Dame Emma Thompson

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