Who: Wenatchee High School Students and community supporting them

What: Global Youth Climate Strike When: Sept. 20, 2019 at 11:15 a.m.

Details: Students will meet at 11:15 by bus area and walk to Wenatchee City Hall, 301 Yakima St. Route:  Millerdale & Miller to Orondo to Chelan St.    

Students will bring their own posters and water . Community Members and Parents wishing to support them can join along the route or meet them on the steps of the Wenatchee City Hall.  Rally and Speakers will start at noon. After the program we will march to the Wenatchee Community Center Veterans Hall and view film, “Ice on Fire”(1PM). After the movie and discussion, we will march back to City Hall along Chelan St.

350 Wenatchee is Proud to be a partner! 

GREAT Chase action from Alec – please watch!


Hi all –

We recently heard that JPMorgan Chase’s senior executive in the PNW was speaking at an event giving people advice on their financial investments. We found this ironic given that her company’s investments are destroying our planet ― so we thought we would let her know. There’s a two-minute FB video of our disruption here. Could you take a second to share the video on your social networks?


50 calls/texts from Wenatchee on Monday, Sept. 23rd!

Possible Subject Lines:

JPMorgan Chase is gambling with our lives

Follow the money

To cut off the flow of oil and gas, we cut off the flow of cash

Tell JPMorgan Chase: Stop funding climate change



With the Global Week of Climate Action fast approaching, let’s remember who is funding climate chaos.


JPMorgan Chase has loaned $196 billion to fossil fuel companies since the Paris Agreement was signed in late 2015 — enough money to buy 52 pipelines the size and scale of the Dakota Access Pipeline. There’s no other way to put it: JPMorgan Chase is profiting from causing climate change, and it’s the rest of us who are paying for it.

Can you call JPMorgan Chase CEO, Jamie Dimon, today to demand that he stop funding climate wrecking fossil fuel companies? We’ve got a script ready for you so you know what to say.


JPMorgan Chase is now the planet’s largest funder of Arctic drilling, deepwater oil exploration, and the largest funder of coal and tar sands in the U.S. Massive infrastructure projects like the Keystone XL Pipeline depend almost entirely on loans from major financial institutions. By cutting off the flow of cash, we can cut off the flow of oil and gas.


People have already been fighting JPMorgan Chase tooth and nail from coast to coast for over a year. This September, people will be taking action at Chase branches in New York, San Francisco, Seattle, Denver, Chicago and cities across the nation.

You can help build this powerful momentum by flooding CEO Jamie Dimon’s office with phone calls demanding that JPMorgan Chase stop bankrolling climate disaster. 


Part of the strategy of driving the fossil fuel industry out of existence involves making them unwelcome at all financial institutions. By raising our voices as one, we can show JPMorgan Chase that the consequences of backing fossil fuel companies far outweigh any short term potential profits.


If JPMorgan Chase backs out of funding fossil fuels, it’ll send a powerful message to financial institutions worldwide that the time to pull out of the fossil fuel industry is now. We have the power to bring oil, coal, and gas billionaires to their knees, but only if we take action. Let’s seize the moment.


Please take a few minutes today to call Chase CEO Jamie Dimon.




The link to article is long and fabulous & includes Alec Connon!!

We’re all deep in planning for the global climate strikes coming up on Friday (I’ve been with Greta Thunberg in DC the last couple of days, and it is thrilling to see the excitement building). But we need to march and to think at the same time, so I’m sending you what I think is the most important piece I’ve written in a number of years, which just came out this morning.
In essence, it’s an attempt to understand how we might make rapid progress on climate change — by pressuring not just governments but also the banks, insurance companies, and asset managers that support the fossil fuel industry. I was pretty shocked when I started reporting — four big American banks lead the world’s funding for coal, oil, and gas — and they’ve increased lending since the Paris climate accords. It takes years to move governments, but if these guys changed their policies, the stock market could shift overnight. 

Whether it’s a question of moving banks or governments, there’s one common ingredient that’s always necessary to make change: mass movements. You’re already joining in on the Global Climate Strike this Friday. Can you take your involvement a step further by signing up to join the Building Your Power webinar on September 24th, co-sponsored by LUSH?

We’ve all done some of this work of moving financial institutions in the divestment campaign (which passed the $11 trillion mark this week, and just succeeded in getting the University of California system to divest its $80 billion in total assets1). But we need to start thinking about how to expand that work to cut off the flow of money that keeps this rogue industry alive.
In fact, it might be a good thing to talk about when you’re striking on Friday. Because we know two things: those strikes are utterly crucial, and they won’t be enough. We’ve always got to be pressing forward!
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“We’re Gonna Strike For you” Music Video

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The Peace Poets have partnered with youth climate strikers and to create this song for millions of people to sing as they walk out of their schools, homes and workplaces to join the Global Climate Strike this September 20th. Watch this video to learn the song and sing it as you strike with us!




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