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Climate Week – STAND


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Dear Jeanne,

From September 21-27, 2020, Climate Week NYC — the biggest climate summit taking place this year — will be moving virtual, and we’re inviting you to join us.

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Racial Justice is Climate Justice RESOURCES

Have questions? Please contact Shemona 

“We sacrificed our land to make the City of Seattle a beautiful reality.

We are still waiting for our justice.”

– Cecile Hansen, Chairwoman of Duwamish Tribe


Participate with the Tribes –


Here’s an incredible event opportunity I learned about from our friends at the Climate Alliance. Non-tribal partners are invited to attend this powerful summit on climate change from The Affiliated Tribes of NW Indians (ATNI), National Congress of

Youth led organization –


Anpetu Wasté,

I hope you’re having a gentle day. Want to shout out all of our amazing frontline organizers from Alaska to La Tierra de Fuego. There is a lot of really good work being done around the nation